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TECH 2022-09-07

Hot Robot Girlfriend Summer

Has anyone actually considered how hot it would be to run your own robot girlfriend? Like not aesthetically hot, but physically swelteringly hot in the vibrating molecules sort of way.

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TECH 2022-01-07

Welcome to Waifu Labs v2: How do AIs Create?

How does an A.I. generate waifus and husbandos? Utilizing the power of machine learning algorithms, see how we taught an A.I. to make these magic anime portraits in the form of generative art.

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TECH 2019-07-23

How we built the Waifu Vending Machine

On the weekend of Anime Expo, an artist promised the humanly impossible -- custom art commissions with a five-minute turnaround time. The not-so-hidden catch? The artist wasn't a human at all, but an AI exposed to millions of anime images.

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