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We make magic AIs.

We're a team of mathematicians from MIT. We like making cool art and great games.

You've probably come here through our biggest project, Waifu Labs   [here]

Maybe you've came here through our newest project, Arrowmancer. [here]

Or maybe you found us through our card game, Cake Duel [here]

Waifu Labs started out as a joke project we launched at Anime Expo 2019. You can read about the Waifu Vending Machine [here]

The type of AI that powers Waifu Labs is called a Generative Adversarial Network You can learn more about it [here]

The response we got when we launched was immediate and awe-inspiring. People loved it; people hated it. Our project took off. No, our project LIFTED OFF.

Waifu Labs let us do something impossible: it gave our extremely small game studio the ability to take on a gigantic feat of content production. Arrowmancer uses the magic of Waifu Labs and GPT-3 to create an infinite cast of beautiful, engaging characters. It is the first true collaboration between human and machine creatives in the world.

We really hope you'll enjoy our dearly beloved project. You can sign up for the Arrowmancer closed beta [here] You can use your Waifu Labs character in Arrowmancer!

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Our Projects

Our newest project, arrowmancer, features an amazing cast of characters made by Waifu Labs. Currently in closed beta.
Waifu Labs
A state-of-the-art neural network that draws custom anime portraits.
Cake Duel
A light-hearted bluffing game for 2. A cutthroat bluffing game about fluffy sheep and yummy cake.
Cake Duel Online
We turned cake duel into a multiplayer mobile game! Perfect for playing cake duel during a pandemic with your closest friends.
Bespoke ML models
We build custom ml models for large-ish company budgets. From cloning a voice to painti-fying a photo, we can service your custom ML needs.
One True Waifu
A classic game of concentration with an futuristic twist. Try to find your one true waifu in the crowd of 7 billion dots.
A new world of creativity awaits!
magic anime portraits!
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